Membership Information

Do you like what you see? Would you like to become involved?

Please use our Contact Us form to send us your contact details and a little bit about yourself.

One of our membership team will contact you with initial information, and will arrange a café, outdoor or Zoom meeting with one or two members.  We will then send you more information, and invite you to our next full group meeting (zoom online meetings at present).

When you decide you’d like to become fully involved, we’ll ask you to complete a membership form, sign up to our Vision & Values and pay the initial membership joining fee (£20 at November 2020).  You’ll then have the opportunity to join one of our working groups as we develop our plans.

Members who hope to be owner occupiers may be asked to contribute to the future development of the project, but any payments would be offset against the purchase price if successful.  Members wishing to rent will not be asked to contribute.

Last updated 1 November 2020

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