Our Green Spaces

Our green space would include both a shared garden as well as all homes having some outdoor space or private balcony. We see the shared garden as an important space for community interaction where residents could find a quiet sheltered spot, a space to socialise or a place for outdoor meetings. We would aim to have a greenhouse, vegetable and herb patch, plus a rich mixture of flowers and fruit trees. The garden would be adaptable to allow for changing mobility issues (e.g. widths of pathways/minimum level changes and considerations for garden maintenance e.g. use of raised beds). Our aim is that this will be a space for all to enjoy.

Some ideas for enhancing biodiversity and sustainability in our green spaces

A permaculture orchard, with a nitrogen-fixing underplanting

Swift bricks and bat bricks

Thoughtfully placed 13cm holes in fencing and walls to create hedgehog highways

When we’re building, we can look into sustainable cement!

…downsize to something bigger