Our Values and Guiding Principles


  To contribute and share responsibility for the development of the project.

  • To maintain a structure without hierarchy.
  • To accept and respect the diversity of others.
  • To offer mutual support to each other whilst respecting privacy.
  • To participate in sustaining constructive and harmonious relationships with stakeholders and the wider community.
  • To respect and care for the environment and the buildings

Guiding Principles

Members will have commitment to:

  • The Co-housing type of collaborative and sustainable living that combines the benefits of people owning or renting residences with the advantages of shared resources.
  • Giving time and taking on roles and responsibilities within Chorlton Co-housing to ensure the success of the development and creation and ongoing maintenance of a positive community environment.
  • Living in a mutually supportive way which enables residents to thrive and promotes wellbeing to help sustain an independent life.
  • Creating a balance between interdependence as a community and independence for individuals, ensuring the design of personal and community space reflects this.
  • Treating all people equally and with respect, irrespective of their age, ability, gender, marital status or civil partnership, ethnicity, race, religion or belief, income level, sex or sexual orientation.
  • Conduct, behaviour, communication and actions which reflects an ethos that is non-judgemental, respectful, appreciative of different perspectives, compassionate and caring.
  • Living sustainably, including minimisation of unnecessary consumption of resources and using renewable technologies for designing, building and living in our community.
  • Where possible, ensuring interactions, including procurement with external organisations abide by an ethical policy, and goods and services are locally sourced

This information is correct at 5 July 2020, and will be amended regularly, as the plans develop further.

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